The wheels are in motion

Does anyone read this blog? I have no idea (well, I know that at least a couple of people do, thanks to their occasional comments); nevertheless, I like updating it from time to time.

A lot has been going on. I wish I had more time to write. When I first started the website, I wanted it to be mostly journal-oriented, in the style of David Byrne‘s or Neil Peart‘s web pages (Peart’s just got revamped – all of his original blogs have been preserved, thank goodness!). I do what I can.

Some updates: I have just got back from the States, where I was invited to the annual Three of a Perfect Pair camp, in upstate NY. Gorgeous location in the Catskills Mountains. My first major traveling experience after three years. Needless to say, it was special to reconvene with Julie Slick after all this time, and to finally play with her. I was very nervous, as I hadn’t played the bass and the EchoTest material in a long, long while… in the end, it’s like riding a bicycle. I have good muscle memory. Even though, I definitely needed to practice intensely for a couple of weeks. Of course, it was great to see Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto and Adrian Belew, and all of the campers, as usual – this time, I got to spend more time with Mr. Belew, as we shared some hotels and drives along the way. Quite the character. Funny, witty man. What a legend.

Happy campers.

Happy to report that the EchoTest kickstarter, to fund the release of our next album Mount Si, has reached its goal. Many thanks for your continued support. I think it’s some of our best material to date. I suppose we’re getting closer to an official release… we’re brainstorming about the artwork and finalising the mixes as I write this. Sorry that it’s taking this long.

I have no real news about my next solo album – it’s finished, and I’ve tried shopping it to some labels, sadly to no avail. Nobody showed any interest. I’m at a dead end. It’s a bit disappointing, as I’m convinced it is a special set of songs. I’m therefore leaning toward a self-release, hopefully before the end of the year. Unless we decide to release the EchoTest album first. I don’t want the records to overlap.

September is almost here, and I’m setting the wheels in motion again – let’s see what happens.

Un pensiero su “The wheels are in motion

  1. I‘m reading. 😊
    Good to hear that your funding for Echotest worked! I’m looking forward to getting the T-Shirt!
    I‘m not so thrilled about the news about your solo album, though. I’m hoping you will find a way that works for you!
    Best wishes!

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