Marco Machera


One Time, Somewhere (Soundmill, 2012)
Dime Novels (Soundmill, 2014)


with EchoTest


Le Fil Rouge (Slick Sound, 2015)
From Two Balconies (Slick Sound, 2017)
Daughter of Ocean (Slick Sound, 2019)


with Julie Slick


Fourth Dementia (Slick Sound, 2014)


Sessions and collaborations


Altremolecole, Altremolecole (Estremomusic, 2011)
Cedric Theys, Eternal Encounter (Mad Ducks Records, 2016)
The Batts, Quiet Life (song, independent, 2016)
The Batts, Sleepyard (song, independent, 2016)
Herd of Instinct, Drone Priest (Firepool Records, 2017)
Nocturne Blue, Under Covers (independent, 2018)
SOLS, The Golden Atom (independent, 2019)