Marco Machera
One Time, Somewhere (Soundmill, 2012)
Dime Novels (Soundmill, 2014)
Small Music From Broken Windows (Soundmill, 2017)

with EchoTest
Le Fil Rouge (Slick Sound, 2015)
From Two Balconies (Slick Sound, 2017)
Daughter of Ocean (Slick Sound, 2019)

with Julie Slick
Fourth Dementia (Slick Sound, 2014)
Orange Soil (single release, Slick Sound, 2020)

with Emiliano Deferrari
Emiliano Deferrari, Marco Machera (Rattsburg Records, 2019)

Reflexive (EP, Soundmill, 2020)

with Fifteen Strange Seconds
Fifteen Strange Seconds (EP, independent, 2020)

Library music
Drawn in Blue (Opensound Music Publishing, 2020)

Sessions and collaborations
D’Addio, D’Addio (independent, 2022)
V/A, Through the Wire, Volume One (independent, 2022)
Nanaue, 28IF (Rattsburg Records, 2021)
Steven Wilson, The Future Bites – Digital Deluxe Edition (Caroline, 2021)
The Mastelottos, A Romantic’s Guide To King Crimson (7d Media, 2021)
SOLS, The Golden Atom (independent, 2019)
TROOT, Costance and the Waiting (independent, 2018)
Nocturne Blue, Under Covers (independent, 2018)
Fabio Mittino, Simple Music For Difficult People Vol. 2 (Discipline, 2018)
The John Porno Funk Extravaganza, it was all too much and i couldn’t stop myself from crying (EP, Soundmill, 2017)
Herd of Instinct, Drone Priest (Firepool Records, 2017)
Saffron Wood, Rusty Nail in a White Wall (independent, 2017)
The Batts, Sleepyard (single release, independent, 2016)
The Batts, Quiet Life (single release, independent, 2016)
Cedric Theys, Eternal Encounter (Mad Ducks Records, 2016)
Teho Teardo, Le retour à la raison. Musique pour trois films de Man Ray (Specula Records, 2015)
Altremolecole, Altremolecole (Estremomusic, 2011)
Mytho, In The Abstract (AMS, 2010)