I write articles and essays about music and whatnot, from time to time, and keep busy working on language translations. I will do my best to list and (possibly) include them all on this page. More to come. P.S. Mostly in Italian.

Pop Subsets and Crosspoints, Musica Stampata, 2021 (Italian/English) – part essay, part article, available in both English and Italian, about the subject of shaping an identity through music listening. With a focus on Thomas Dolby and Billie Eilish… and Backstreet Boys!

Train With No Midnight, Joseph Keckler (English) – I have worked on translations (English into Italian) for this incredible project conceived by singer and writer Joseph Keckler. Commissioned, developed, and produced by Beth Morrison Projects. Co-commissioned by Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago and Hopkins Center for the Arts at Dartmouth College. Joseph’s play has been published in Yale Theatre Magazine, Duke University Press (November 2020 issue).

Musiche e miti: 70×100, Paolo Carnelli, Open Magazine, 2020 (Italian) – I have contributed with a piece about Bitches Brew by Miles Davis. You can order the book directly through Paolo. Please visit his Musiche & Miti Facebook page.

I sogni oscuri di David Sylvian: Darkest Dreaming, Auralcrave, 2019 (Italian) – an article I wrote about the song Darkest Dreaming, by David Sylvian. I got some of the information from the always resourceful Vista blog maintained by David Nibloe.