Solo work

My catalogue on Bandcamp. You can listen to previews and – if you like what you hear – purchase the albums. It would be nice if you could follow me over there, too!

Out of the Box

A seminar about the creative process – although this definition barely scratches the surface. The seminar is curated by myself, with the help of guests. Read more…


The bass duo project co-founded with Julie Slick. The link will re-direct you to Julie’s Bandcamp store, where all of the EchoTest albums (and more Slick releases) are available.

Session work

Would you like me to play on your music? Perhaps you want me to arrange and/or produce it? It can be done. Write an e-mail to marco (at) with all the details.

Library music

I have recorded music that can be licensed to customers for use in film, television, radio and other media. The material is produced and owned by production music libraries. Go listen!


An ever-evolving list of records I have produced, collaborations, session work… you might discover stuff you have never heard of! Learn more…