Seminar: Out of the Box

Dear readers,

I was invited to curate an online seminar, on the different ways one can approach and intend music, and how thinking “out of the box” could serve your artistic vision. We will explore several important topics related to sound, improvisation, composition and much more, with the help of some special guests. Dates as follows:

Friday, August 21th, with Julie Slick

Friday, August 28th, with Beth Fleenor

Saturday, September 12th, with Silvia Cignoli

Saturday, September 19th, with Pat Mastelotto

Out of the Box is about approaching art creatively – looking at possibilities to stretch boundaries, expanding your vocabulary, finding ways to make your art meaningful, through discussion, musical demonstrations, talks with inspiring guests, and more.

You can register on the Veintiocho Arte Colectivo’s website

I have had a pretty diverse career so far, that involved several, different activities – from session work, to production, writing, arranging, and live performances. Most of the time, I’m asked to be myself. What does that mean? There is no simple answer. It’s an ever-evolving path. It’s my constant motivation to develop an artistic vision that is personal and recognisable, that I can adjust to my creative needs and those of others. Nowadays, it is important to discuss the role and meaning of music, more than ever; to discover our own identity as artists, and to channel our inner voice, in order to produce beautiful, unique art. It’s important to refuse mediocrity and to establish good values through research, curiosity and open-mindedness.

I hope to see some of you there.



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