A brief note, a lot behind it

In a way, days seem to be slow, but they also go by fast. Things have changed quite a bit since my previous post (the interview with the great Tony Levin). Actually, things have changed so much that Tony is now back on the road with King Crimson! Oh well.

These days I feel like I’m grasping reality by the tail end. To be honest, I have never felt like I could keep up with reality (an explanation as of why I’ve pursued a life in the arts, in the first place?); in the last year and a half, the feeling got worse, or did it become relevant? Depending on how you look at it. As the summer inevitably slow things down, I’m taking some time to reflect on who I am, what I have done, and what I will want to do – in order to make room in the head. I’m not one who tends to look back that much. Sometimes, however, it’s a process that helps us being more objective, maybe less frustrated with ourselves.

I’m now in cloudy Brussels – I left for a couple of weeks in late June, to visit my family and friends in Italy. Quite a contrast. It felt good to be back there and to be traveling again, even though the stay was short. I tried to enjoy the warm weather as much as possible, and the warm company of familiar faces.

On a side note, I’m enjoying going to the cinema in my spare time, as it’s finally possible to do that again. The wonderful Cinematek in Brussels offers a range of great screenings (mainly classics and obscurities from the past) – and a much welcome escape from the regulation of social life. I love that feeling of temporary isolation from the outside world. Also, as the wonderful David Sylvian remarked via his twitter account: “There’s something to be gained from reviewing a film, an artwork, in a new location (like meeting an old friend in another part of the world) at a different stage in life.”

Other than that, I don’t have much to report, but there is new music in the works… I just don’t know when you will get to hear it, yet.


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