New release: Emiliano Deferrari, Marco Machera

My first Belgian record, so to say, is now available, and that’s an atypical one. When I moved to Brussels a while ago, I connected with my friend, musician Emiliano Deferrari (who relocated here in 2014). It felt natural to meet up and play something together. The four tracks appearing on the album are the result of a spontaneous alchemy, no editing and no post-production whatsoever: nothing more than the sound sculpted in the room in that very moment. We used prepared and detuned guitars, various objects, a violin, bows, a baglama, percussions, a musical box, and everything else we could find in the small studio; anything that we could put our hands (and feet) on.

We also shot a promotional video to launch the record. Quoting Emiliano: “We took a walk through Matonge, the Congolese neighbourhood of Brussels, and had fun mixing with those picturesque African vibes, on a cold northern European afternoon”. The track is called “Sei” (which means six in Italian).

We decided not to come up with titles containing words, but numbers only (based on the order of our sessions), so that we would not influence the listener. As everything you hear was the result of spontaneous improvisation, we thought not to impose a “mood” on you by choosing a specific title.

I’d say this record is an accurate reflection of what I have experienced in terms of music around here so far (there is a lively avant-garde scene that I greatly enjoy, and live clubs and audiences willing to dive into experimental outbursts of sound). I guess this represents a very rough seed, no compromises and no fucks given, that will nourish more music from me in the future.

The album is available on all digital outlets. You can also order a CD (limited edition of 100) from Emiliano’s Bandcamp (better for European orders). It is also available on CdBaby (for our American friends).

More news and exciting releases soon.


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