Just like old times (in troubling times)

I got to see The Weather Station live in concert the other night, at the Botanique, an historical venue in Brussels. That day, the city went into an alert phase because of fine particle pollution (it was lifted today). It felt fitting, somehow, as The Weather Station have released one of my favourite albums of 2021 (Ignorance) that openly deals with the topics of climate change and environmental degradation. It was a brilliant show. Kudos to leader and singer Tamara Lindeman for soldiering on despite a rough cold. As she remarked at one point, even though “masks are not a thing anymore”, everyone in the audience kept the masks on, honouring the band’s request.

It was my first live concert since the pandemic started in 2020. I had greatly missed the vivid excitement that comes with a live performance. Here’s hoping that I can see many more of them in the next few months.

Furthermore, it seems that I will need to take my bass out of the case at some point. It’s more complicated than one would expect, in such testing times of duality. In past blogs, I’ve talked about my struggle with separating the horrors of the world from day-to-day life. My mind goes to the war in Ukraine and the ongoing wars in other countries. It feels strange to be so detached from it, with all our personal baggage to deal with everyday, yet emotionally affected. The paradox of modern day living.

Wishing you well.


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